The Wedding Ceremony - Jade Gallagher

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The Wedding Ceremony

is my favourite place to sing. As your Wedding Ceremony Singer, I think it’s also the most important part of your wedding day. The spectacle of months or usually years of planning. The nucleus. The part where you take a deep breath, let those doors open and gracefully step into the start of your marriage.

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My job as your Wedding Ceremony Singer…

is to make this moment as special as it can possibly be. I am there simply to enhance and maximise the abundance of emotion that is in the room with your favourite songs. My aim is to help provide the perfect entrance to the rest of your life.

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The Booking Process…

is simple and stress free. We agree on the date, venue and timings. I send over booking confirmation via email and then your date is firmly in my diary.


After many years of performing as a Wedding Ceremony Singer, I have built up an extensive song repertoire which is always available for viewing and is the place where you select your songs. A typical ceremony format (although flexible) is to choose songs for the following sections :

5 songs as guests are being seated

Bridal Entrance Song

3 songs as register is signed

Exit song

Whether you have booked me months or years in advance, I’m always available for advice on song choices/logistics etc in the run up to your big day.


I am constantly grateful and honoured that after performing at over 1500 ceremonies, so many of you trust me with this special role year after year and I look forward to hopefully meeting many more of you in the near future!

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Check My Availability

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